May 5, 2012

Week wrapup! "Room Makeover"

I finally got some pep in my step after reading  Kim's post from Today's Creative Blog and she was remaking her son's room...My Thing 2 is approaching the super age of 8 this month {GASP!} and it was time he got a REAL ROOM fit for a Prince....we'd procrastionated and due to budget constraints it just never happened the right way.  But, we got some extra funds and decided the boy child NEEDED this for all the hard work that he does....Kim did have a friend who's a "pro" and even though I don't (well, I kinda do but SHE doesn't live here in MD so I'll start the project and let her critique it later, Mizz LB) ....I finally said that my son needed his own "boy space" instead of some mish mosh junky hand me down baby space that was fit for no one.  So this week, we worked up a small budget and went here:
and this is what it looks like when you 1:  Go in the middle of the week  and 2.  Go EARLY (10:30 am ish):

Booyah!   So anyway, I had already researched and noted possible pieces that I liked and when you go armed & ready, it's pretty easy...we did pick up a few other things like a desk and a bookshelf and some baskets, but by divine intervention, we still came in under budget- enough to have a super cute lunch!
I was gonna have a paint party this week, but I decided we'd leave the walls tan and just embellish with wall decals and art work...but despite the organization of it all, I did forget to take the true before picture like Kim did so trust me when I say it was not blog-worthy!  But the only thing about Ikea is that you have to assemble the stuff yourself may be a week before I can take some pics...hubby isn't exactly Mr. DIY or handy with tools  :)......until next time!!


Joy said...

Sounds like Thing 2 is getting a well deserved big boy room! 8 isn't that late. I went out with a guy who had his TV on a dresser with airplanes etched in it. He said he had it for years. I said that is disturbing.

Jojorenee said...

I love Ikea! I might have to go there for a few items too!

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