December 21, 2012

TGIF! an Echo Park shoutout!

Back in early December, Echo Park put out a contest for crafters to make name tags for the Primary Children's Hospital in Utah (NICU)...for those of you who know us, you know my awesome Thing 2 spent 8 months @ Johns Hopkins NICUs (they have 2 and we spent 4 & 4) and for those of you who've never been in a NICU, each baby gets a name tag on his/her isolette:) Since I wasn't a scrapbooker back then, I had no idea that it was crafty chicks who made them! So I knew I just had to participate!
yup...that was tiny Thing 2   @ 2.4 pounds!
The winners of the challenge got to designate a family of their choice to win a special gift from Echo Park and I am delighted to give myself a little  WOOP WOOP for this post on Echo Park's Facebook wall today:
"Hello EP Fans,
We received 75 Name Tags in total, to donate to Primary Childrens Hospital. Here are the winners:
Jessica Arrant    Janet Krause   
Kate Blue and Lindzie Head
We have sent $100 and some EP products to the families you that you selected."

I look back at all the people who helped us financially, fed us, ran errands for us, prayed for us, did special things for Thing 1, and just cared for us as a family during those 8 months....8 years later, I am STILL trying to pay it forward....I am honored that I got to help a special family this holiday season...Love you Nat! We are still praying for Jamal! 
 THANK YOU Echo Park for such generosity!

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Natalie said...

All I can say Kate is that you are a great inspiration for me. Even through the times of difficulties, you have taught me that I can still help others despite what I am going through. I do believe that God expects us to do this. I can't thank you enough for teaching me this very valuable lesson. Love you --Natalie

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