February 1, 2013

Caw Caw -it's Purple Friday ya'll!

Happy Friday everybody!  Just a quick post to say that we Ravens fans are getting even more excited as the hours countdown to Super Bowl Sunday!  I just wanted to thank my sis Karla, for the lovely Ravens scarf that adorns my neck as I run and go get a haircut today!  Super cute right! Classy Ravens gear :):)

I forgot to post the last 2 layouts (that would be #s 7 & 8 ) that finished off my Counterfeit Kit for January.  After looking at many of the other ladies kits, I realized that mine was pretty puny compared.  But that's ok, I still got 8 layouts done in a clean (translation=get em' done) style!  Plus, after about 6 layouts, I got sick o f looking at the kit-just being honest :):)  I had done some journaling on the 2nd layout on the feather and messed up and rather than reprint it, I just covered it up-looks wonky but that's how it's gonna stay...SO, can't wait to see who they are Counterfeiting for February!

TTYL and hope your Friday is a great one!

1 comment:

Tamika said...

I was just saying to Tamika last night Kat must be pumped about the Super Bowl! Lovely scarf please recap with the cut later.

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