May 9, 2013

Aleida's Challenge # 3 LOTD

I admit it - April's picture didn't happen for a number of reasons...but  I just got a chance to scrap February's photo and True XOXO revealed this yesterday so I can officially reveal it here:
keep getting in front of the camera-your family will appreciate you for it!
and yep, that fabulous chipboard is from WOW (Words or Whatever) and it's a good thing they don't have them here at PhotoScraps cause it would be my new hoarder fascination!

I wanted the butterflies to look metal/metallic so I just used my handy dandy tool finger, dabbed some white shimmer acrylic  paint on them, let them dry...then I stamped them haphazardly with just a  script stamp and then I added little dribs and drabs of Plaid Accents on them and sprinkled teeny amounts of fine glitter on top while still wet.....VOILA!  Metallic looking!  Loved how sturdy and think this chip is...just gorgeous and wanted to thank Tess for sponsoring the DT and giving us a chance to work with this lovely product that comes all the way from Australia!

ps-fabulous silver ribbon is courtesy of SEI (via way of my OLF Angi )

1 comment:

Cindy Gay said...

What a great portrait and page. Like your new avi too. Happy Mother's Day Kate!

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