February 28, 2009

Lisa F creates some one of a kind goodies

one lucky winner will get a custom personalized journal....go to her blog and check out the details by clicking on her name in my title!

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Staci said...

Hi kate! Thx for the link, will check her out! I responded to your question on my blog the other day by hitting reply to, but I just realized your e-mail addy wasn't listed, so I don't think you got it! This is what I said:Hi Kate! I missed you at the crop on saturday :-) The flower in the middle of the cluster is Prima - it came in a 4-pack from Michaels. I was actually just there today (the Ellicott City one), and they have it on an end cap with the rest of their Prima stuff in the "specialty scrapbooking" section in the middle of the floor. Hope you're doing well!

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