June 21, 2009


Continuing the honor of Father's Day-my favorite layouts of my favorite guys- my husband Ken

and my Dad {Don} and even though my dad was a kid in this layout; he still looks the same to me!


Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Love your photo layouts!
(can you come do all my pics?)

hey, this new blog design is great...but I did so love your header with the photos of each of you on the walls... do you still have that showing somewhere else?

(or is this a totally new blog? I am holding on to the excuse of being a newby blogger, to my cluelessness!)

come by mine and comment or email me!)

joggemia said...


Thanks for the sweet words in my blog! It´s always fun when people likes my scrap! =) I must say that I liked the layout "Dad" very much!!


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