May 2, 2010

Hope the weekend was fab....

and that you got lots of stuff accomplished...12 min. till the start of a new week...NSD was a bust for me since I was just too pooped to scrap after I got off from work (yep, I's working a real job-temp but real-remember that when we Census workers knock on your door and remember to be nice to us-LOL)  Am not used to cramming so much in my day and being outdoors in the high temps on Saturday, I was a bit wiped scrapping, no blogging, no facebook...damn, what's up with that??!!! getting ready for beddy-bye but had the CSD gals on my mind so gotta do 2 quick addition to the new gals Myia and Dana I already welcomed this weekend, I forgot to give a HUGE shoutout to Ally Serrato  aka Sour Patch chick (she RAWKS I know, don't need to tell me twice...just look at her craftyness & drool) may know her from the Pink Ninjas & now she's joined us @ CSD!!!  Check out her blog and leave her some love !!

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