October 6, 2010

Hobby Lobby comes to our town!!

Yep, since Recollections closed, Columbia has truly needed a better quick-stop craft supplies place since some of the other chains (they who-shall-not-be mentioned but begin with an M and a J) never get new stuff...so some of us gals met up @  Hobby Lobby to check it out!
since I haven't gotten get to browse by myself yet, I'm reserving judgement on what I thought about the store- product wise.  Their staff was awesome though {hey Pam, hey Donna!!!} ...I do know that chain stores never ever compare to the local scrapbook stores in terms of specialty product so it's always gonna be PhotoScraps for me!  Now on the other hand, their holiday and home decor was pretty awesome; can't wait to do some fall and Halloween stuff outta there though.  We had a great time just hanging out though.  If you haven't gone yet, they have just opened in Columbia and then there's also a bigger store in Laurel.  i suggest going to both since product availability was different in each store since one's bigger than the other and personal tastes run differently from county to county.

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Beandip said...

we don't have any in southern California, but two weeks ago we were in Las Vegas and I had the oportunity to go to that store. I love it. They had the best 50% sale. I'm so jealous, have fun.

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