November 28, 2010

Winners, winners, chicken dinners

forgot that the Thanskgiving traffic was gonna be there combined with the game traffic, but I am home and just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to all followers of my blog!  The 2 winners of my RAKS are:  the Sasssafras box is Darlene  and the Purple People Eaters box is Starli R!  I'll be in contact with you guys later tomorrow (I'm beat from the football game (all that walking-yuk!) and need to take a shower from all those offensive smells (beer, stinky people and cigars and cigarettes) for your contact /mailing information!


Peggy said...

congrats ladies, enjoy your goodies!

Darlene S. said...

Thanks a much Queen Kat!!! YAY!! :D

Redberd said...

All Hail the Queen!! Love the fab purple pleasures :-)

Thanks Peggy!

Congrats Darlene S.!! Enjoy your goodies :-)

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