July 22, 2011

We're baccck!

from PA and NY and whew! how do you need a vacation from vacation?? ! Unless I'm at the beach, I multitask entirely too much and so it really wasn't a vacation...mix in a bit of bullcrap and it got all jacked up...but I plan on making some changes so that doesn't happen again, trust and believe.  I admit, I'm dramatic but I hate OPD (Other People's Drama)...being dramatic and being big drama are two entirely different things...But now that we are back @ 6420, all is well (and quiet) on the eastern front. I am slowly catching up/cleaning up my inboxes, appointments and calendars, catching up on blogs, organizing items that are due for DTs/challenges and just family/mom stuff~! I so need an ipad...lol...
So if you are waiting for postal goodies from me, bear with me and know that I do plan on being at the post office tomorrow!  I haven't created since my birthday weekend...but plan on remedying that situation soon since I have some new deadlines.  But for now, here's some LOTD from my girls getaway  weekend!  Happy belated Thursday and hope everybody has a fab Friday!  My Friday crafter will be up later today and also some of my favorite CHA peeks!

Bella Blvd and Jolee's

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Charity said...

Love them....glad you're home and well!

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