July 22, 2011

Get up, get down and put your hands up

for Miss D.....yep, my Friday crafter (when I remember to do it) is the super talented woman that ya'll may know as LOVEY from Fabric Photo Memories....

Her heritage work with all things romantic, blingy and vintage fabrics/papers/jewlery/images is simply amazing!  She's probably one of the only AA artists that I'm familiar with (besides Robin Shakoor ) that has truly shown me how to do African American heritage in such a classy way-I haven't attempted it yet but since I am doing the cover for my family's recent family reunion book, I'll be looking at them for tips/lift ideas) ...She's officially opened an Etsy shop (yay!) and has another anouncement, but I'll let you hop over THERE to read all about it! 

She's been published in Cloth,Paper, Scissors and in Crazy Quilt Gatherings just to name a few places and, hands down, she should've been featured here long time ago!!  So go leave her some Royal L-O-V-E !!!!  Happy Friday (even though I'm late due to Lord Voldemort and Harry Potter lol) and have a great weekend everybody!!!

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