February 6, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday (wee) cap!

Been a crazy busy week....so it's a wee-cap!  Let's start with last weekend:  Got together with the lovely Miss Anna (top left with me) and got some new local friends from the Facebook SMASH group to come out to Michael's to meet me (and my bffs and my crafty crew) for a crop/SMASH bash!

 we had a great time, eating, sharing, laughing and making some new friends....so if you wanna join us next time, let me know either by email or via the facebook group! 

then, before the SUPERBOWL, I had to run to take T1 to the hairdresser since I promised her weeks ago that I would let her get her hair straightened....hey, as long as I was home by snack time :):)
 and booyah, here ya go..... my beauty !

1 comment:

Tamika said...

Looks like a SMASHING party! T1's hair looks lovely did you cry like Kimora did when her baby got her hair all did up?

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