June 10, 2013

Marvelous Monday ya'll!

Despite the rain (the garden needs it right??) It's a Marvelous Monday & you wanna know why??  I am still on a paper high...I had a group of ladies here on Saturday for scrapbooking, food, fun and fellowship and it was a fantastic stress reliever...it's amazing how cutting paper soothes the soul...and cooking for other people other than your family is fun too :)  I was so glad that both bffs were in the building BUT the highlight was that my latina sistah came all the way from PA (we were going to a class on Sunday) so that made me SUPER HAPPY:
 wait till you see where we went and what we did and who we did it with (reminds me of a Prince song) ! Details to come!


Tamika said...

You're so lucky! I will stay tuned.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I know where you went ;) Loving the photo!! :)

Lisa Marie said...

OMG, I made it to the blog,whoop whoop, lol. I know Im a lil late. But guess what, I think its time for another road trip !!

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