January 22, 2009

Inauguration 2009

We decided not to make the trek into DC (and for good reasons)..but still watched and cried and clapped and reflected ALL morning and ALL day long until about 7 pm...took a break and then watched the Neighborhood Ball...as a scrapbooker, I know that I have to work 1000% on my journaling; the words are far more important than the photos, so E, Bri and I all got our favorite journals out and wrote thoughts that we felt as we watched "HIS"tory" unfold. Lisa S, eat your heart out-we are finally getting the message!

I'll take a picture of my journaling pages and scrap them for Brandon to read later when he grows up since he was not part of this day-I even got some cool presidential paper with Mr. Obama's pic on it -E gifted me it from scrapyourtrip.com....can't wait to do a layout this weekend with it....we sent Brandon to school since he needs his therapy!

And no, Brianna was not drinking champagne with us-her drink of choice was water!

If anybody wants to send me some pictures they took just for my personal use, send me a PM.

1 comment:

Debby said...

My 15 year old and I watch on TV. It was exciting and the Presidents speech and mandate were wonderful, powerful, truthful...I was clapping too.

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