April 29, 2011

my Friday scrapper is Caryn!

My Scorpio chick....Caryn Kidwell...mama of her own Things 1 & 2,  wife to my younger brother from another mother....LOL
Lover of all things paper and bling and she always lets me mooch all her stuff :) :) in her ultra fab studio (check it out on her blog)....What a sweet sharer right??? Love this layout she did of us despite my bugly mug...it's actually one of my favorite (since she's done more than one.) cause I'm a lover of all things teal/aqua and the cool metal accents and papers just made me feel sunny.  
 This week marks great news for her; she's on her first  DT !! Triple T team over at Triplicate Trials Tuesday!
The Triplicate Trials Tuesday Challenge is a three part challenge that includes a theme, colors and a sketch.  I personally am gonna find that to be a REAL challenge cause I'm just getting to know & love sketches & most times their color choices don't really ring my chimes.  BUT, I shall do it to support a sistah!!

So anyway, since it's Friday, I'll be in my studio later cleaning it up and then maybe working on some paper flowers since I took a flower class at PhotoScraps last night ( no pics) and wanna make a gift. 
TGIF ya'll, hop over to see Ms. CK, leave her some love and bookmark your calendars to participate in Triple T's first challenge!


kim c said...

very cool layout. and that's not a bad picture of you. silly woman.

~EssenseVibez~ said...

aight CK---the layout is fabulous dawhlin'---Kate is the bomb with her features---remain blessed!!!

Tettiz said...

Gooooorgeous!!! And YOU are gorgeous too! :D

That's a good idea with the chibi and my photo together - I'll fix that during the day! :D

The Scorpian Crafter said...

Woo Hoo!! I'm so honored to be your featured Friday Scrapper! Your so silly, you always complain about your pics. Just means that this week we'll have to take lots of photos before Rum punch & after Rum punch & Margaritas! Thanks again CHICA!!

The Scorpian Crafter said...

Woo HOO! How did I miss this post??? I'm so honored for being your "Friday Scrapper"! The layout pic is fine...your soo silly. Just wait, this week I'm gonna take pics of ya before Mango Rum Punch & Margaritas...and pics after! Thanks for using some of my stash on your layouts...its makes me feel like I helped with your creative process....Thanks again for the shout out CHICA!!

Charity said...

Hahaha...you're too funny!

Well, i never made it into the studio to finish cleaning, but I managed to create a cute little set-up for candy monday for the teachers today. And then spent some time in the sun yesterday cleaning up the yard. It hasn't been very sunny lately so i had to soak up some vitamin D!
Maybe I'll get to finish cleaning next weekend~ for mother's day ;)

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